What does Verde Marte mean?

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The worst part of living in Spain is bureaucracy, the country is full of civil servants who start from ‘the answer is no, now what is your question?’  So when I was starting the company my lawyers said they had a client with a dormant company and all we had to do was go the notary sign some paper, exchange documents and for €100 it was done.  The alternative was shedloads of paper work and expense. In a previous life Verde Marte was a clothing design company owned by a very pretty, hippy.  It didn’t work out so she parked it.

On the day we exchanged she said ‘what are you going to do with the name?’, I asked her what why she chose ‘Green Mars as a name, she shrugged and said maybe there is life out there and asked me not to change it.  So I didn’t.  The good thing about the name is that people don’t forget it.

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