London Wine Trade Fair (1)

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London Wine Trade Fair


This week I am making final preparations for the London Wine Trade Fair, 22-24 May where Boutinot, my UK partner, will have a very busy stand over the three days.  Working with the team to get everything they have ask for.   Samples to be prepared from Rioja, Somontano, Valencia, Utiel-Requena, Cava and La Mancha.  Thankfully it is all fairly well under control, well at least half of it!!


It is all a bit of a rush getting,  photos of bottles of each of the for 100 Foot range, so I will be busy later with photoshop getting that finished with Spotify blasting out some ‘tunes’ in background (for the most part it’s great to be able to pick a radio them and let it play).  As TWIRL is new there are final amendments to be made together with checking to see if the new capsules have arrived.   Samples of Marques del Mar are already there as well as the new Merlot which I will be keen to see what sort of feedback it gets.  Also GH (Gualdo House) a new range of low alcohol wine based beverages with funky colours, targeted at the 18-30 year old female market.  Not one for the ‘wine people’ but there is market for products such as these to introduce new consumers into the category.  By the end of today everything from Torre Oria in Requena – Cava, Palacio Rojo Gran Reserva and Twirl should be on their way.  Tomorrow it is the turn of the wines from Somontano, Bodega Irius, and Rioja, Bodega Antion. 

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This annual jamboree has the same stresses and strains every year. Yet this will be my 23rd in a row I think.  This year I am looking forward to the show, even given the current economic woes.  It is important to get direct feedback on the new ranges and see what other producers are doing.


LWTF has lost much of its importance as an annual ‘international’ fair with Prowein in Germany, a bi-annual even become a preferred choice for European buyers.  I have no doubt that part of the reason is the location, Excel   It would be so much better if it moved back to Olympia, west London much more convenient that way out in the middle of n-where. More of late next week.

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