My day as a Sailor

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I was invited to be ‘guest sailor’ on the Audi All4One  boat in the Valencia Cup 2012 TP52″ Super Series.  The helmsman was Jochen Schumann (3 Olympics golds, two Americas Cup plus loads of other stuff).  The team was made up of America’s Cup and Olympic gold medalists from France, Germany, Spain, Italy and just for …

Friday 13th July, 39 ºC

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  Friday 13th July, 4pm, 39ºC and it is hot, very hot here in the vineyards beside the Torre Oria winery in Requena.  Healthy, well set bunches of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are given shade and protection from the burning sun and hot breeze by layers of large bright green leaves.  The vine are 50cm above …

A Dry Winter

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Mid June and the vineyards are looking in Requena and Valencia are a vibrant green.  However, while on the surface things look pretty good the key element effecting this crop was the lack of rainfall during the winter.  Volumes are going down by at least 10%, on current predictions. Curiously, while the Spanish economy teeters …