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New Ecological Project

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It has been a while since new posts have been added but that does not mean that I have been idle, check out – this project has been and is much more focussed on using social media to communicate with members. A brief report about a new venture that we are working on this …

Friday 13th July, 39 ºC

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  Friday 13th July, 4pm, 39ºC and it is hot, very hot here in the vineyards beside the Torre Oria winery in Requena.  Healthy, well set bunches of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are given shade and protection from the burning sun and hot breeze by layers of large bright green leaves.  The vine are 50cm above …

What is Driving the Price of Wine?

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While Spain is desperate for cash and loans from the EU, unemployed touching 25%, the economy stuck in recession, many medium sized wineries are either bankrupt or at best struggling, the story with Spanish wine exports could not be more different. In the first quarter of 2012 total wine exports are up in value by …