Spanish Wineries

Friday 13th July, 39 ºC

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  Friday 13th July, 4pm, 39ºC and it is hot, very hot here in the vineyards beside the Torre Oria winery in Requena.  Healthy, well set bunches of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are given shade and protection from the burning sun and hot breeze by layers of large bright green leaves.  The vine are 50cm above …

Springtime in El Villar de Arzobispo

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At this time of year we go out into the vineyards to look at the vine to give us the first indication of this years crop.   I work with the Cooperativa El Villar de Arzobispo, which is located 50km inland from Valencia.  There are 250 members with around 1400 ha of vines and olive …

One 100 Foot, Irius Winery

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I was up in Somontano, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, at the Irius winery last week where the 100 Foot range of wines are produced.  The winery appears on the horizon looking initially like huge silver aluminium boxes stacked symmetrically on top of each other but as you get closer it take the appearance of …